How many members must a participating contingent have?

A contingent must have 4 members to participate in Cognito.

What is the registration fee structure? Is it similar for local and outstation teams?

A one time payment per contingent is required to complete registration. Different rates are charged for local and outstation teams, as given on the fee portal in the bookings page.

Where can we register?

You can register from the Bookings tab.

Will we be provided with adequate supplies?

Yes, we will be providing our participants with non stop high speed internet connectivity, the necessary stationary, food and beverages.

Do we have to be from a commerce specific background to participate in Cognito?

No, we are an all inclusive event and encourage participation of teams from various backgrounds.

Where is Cognito happening?

Cognito Aviation is all set to take plan at Christ (Deemed to be University), Main Campus, Hosur Road, Bangalore on 16, 17 & 18 December 2019.

Do I have to register for each day of Cognito?

A team will only have to register once. This one time registration holds good for all three days of the event.

Can I participate individually?

No, you must be a part of a contingent in order to participate in Cognito.

Is Cognito a finance fest?

No. Cognito is a management fest that aims to blur boundaries and isn't specific to one particular specialisation.

What happens in Cognito? What will I be required to do?

Cognito is a fest where we aim to bring our participants closer to the vast realities of the dynamic business world but introducing them to real life corporate simulations. On each day, the participants receive rounds pertaining to the theme of the event. Through these rounds, each team, as a company within the said industry must navigate through the vast business environment and dynamic changes taking place within the industry and formulate strategies aimed towards preventing the company from slumping into a potential downfall.

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